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Call for abstracts 10th ICN NP/APN Conference

17 november 2017



Submit your abstracts no later than 29 November
best practices are also encouraged

We would kindly like to remind you of the upcomming deadline for sumbiting your abstract for the 10th ICN NP/APN Conference. The online submission system will be open until 29 November 2017.

Please know that we welcome not only abstracts about research, but also abstracts about best practices. This could be for short presentations, but also an interactive workshop or a round table session. One of the goals of the conference is that we learn from each other and that we inspire each other. In order to do so we would also gladly receive abstracts of best practices.

Please click here to view the complete call for abstracts in PDF.

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Impressive and inspirational speakers

The Organising Committee has done an outstanding job to compose an ambitious programme with renowned and inspiring keynote speakers to talk about the changing healthcare landscape, the leading role of the nurse practitioner and the interprofessional collaboration. We are pleased to give you a little glimpse:



Dr. Madrean Schober is President of Schober Global Healthcare Consulting. In addition, as a nurse practitioner, educator, mentor, writer, lecturer and consultant she promotes insightful healthcare services to diverse populations along with strategic planning for improved access to all. Her experience and expertise in healthcare policy, curriculum design and program development extends to over forty countries in the process of developing advanced nursing practice.


Dr. Kim Byas works in health advocacy and policy by utilizing more than 40 years of experiences in direct patient care, academia, health research, public health, health insurance, strategic consulting, and policy.

As a Grounded Theory researcher on health care leadership, he teaches health care ethics to MBA students and serves on numerous boards.

Dr. Lisbeth Fagerström has a PhD in Health Sciences from Åbo Academy University in Vaasa, Finland. She has since 2008 worked as a Professor in Nursing Science at the University College of Southeast-Norway, and is the leader of the Master program in advanced practice nursing (started 2015). She has recently started in a new position as Professor in Caring Science at Åbo Akademi University.
Dr. Janet Stifter, PhD, RN, is the Director of the AONE Center for Care Innovation and Transformation. Dr. Stifter’s research examined the association between nurse staffing and hospital-acquired never events using data mining of an existing electronic health record “big data” source. In her current role Dr. Stifter coordinates the Care Innovation and Transformation initiative, a frontline staff-driven process improvement program that empowers nurse leaders at the bedside to drive innovation, culture change, and health care reform.

Please click here for the full programme and to see the names of our other outstanding keynote speakers.

Nurse Practitioners/Advanced Practice Nurses Bridging the Gap: Towards Futuristic Healthcare through collaborative practice and leadership.

About the conference

Theme: Nurse Practitioners/Advanced Practice Nurses Bridging the Gap: Towards Futuristic Healthcare through collaborative practice and leadership.

This 10th ICN NP/APN Conference will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 26-29 August 2018. It provides a unique opportunity to build relationships and to disseminate nursing knowledge and leadership skills across NP/APN-specialities, cultures and countries.

The ICN NP/APN conferences are renowned as the largest international forums for NP/APNs. The 2014 ICN NP/APN Conference in Helsinki, Finland brought together more than 700 delegates from across the globe exploring the importance of cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation in nursing. In 2016 the ICN NP/APN Conference in Hong Kong welcomed 900 delegates. In 2018 the Rotterdam conference aims to receive 1,200 delegates.

This international conference will attract delegates from Clinical Practice, Research, Education, Health Policy, Leadership and Management. The conference will explore a number of issues including:

  • Leadership and innovations for new and emerging NPs/APNs models of care
  • NPs/APNs leadership in transformation of healthcare
  • The role of NPs/APNs in widening access and equity to healthcare
  • Impact of NPs/APNs on improving healthcare for patients, organizations and society
  • Leadership of NPs/APNs in clinical and professional practice
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare and leadership role of NPs/APNs
  • Education and competency development

The conference programme and further information is posted on the conference website which will be updated regularly: www.npapn2018.com.

The instructions for the submission of abstracts are available on the conference website www.npapn2018.com.

The online submission system will be open until 29 November 2017.

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