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Leadership Mentoring In Nursing Research Program 2.0

06 november 2018

In the Netherlands, all university nursing science departments collaborate with, national and international partners, in The Leadership Mentoring in Nursing Research 2.0. This Leadership Program offers a two-year program through which post-doctoral nursing fellows extend knowledge in leadership in their research areas and establish new networks.

The fellows benefit from a program that suits their personal learning objectives and from the stimulating environment of national and international community of first-rate scholars.

Fellowships are offered to postdoctoral nursing researchers in the field of nursing science, provided that they fulfill preset application criteria as well as proposed research program. The Program offers a maximum of 20 postdoctoral fellowships, mentoring,  including workshops and meetings focusing on leadership in research.

The LMNR 2.0 Program welcomes applications of promising postdoctoral scholars and who will take part in a competitive selection process. Applicants submit an application form, a CV demonstrating the ability to forge beyond disciplinary research, to show an international commitment as well as quality publications; description of their innovative line of research and knowledge utilization; the possible impact of the program on own career and a recommendation from a professor of nursing or other faculty.

The LMNR 2.0 Program starts in February 2019.

The LMNR program covers the following topics:

  • Leadership development, communication,  networking, negotiation, collaboration.
  • Strategic leadership and financial aspects of research programs.
  • Research collaboration, national, international and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Grant Funding, national and international,
  • Various skills topics like presentation skills, personal branding, media training.

The LMNR 2.0 program is offered by national nursing science collaborating partners from:

  • Nursing Science Department, Julius Centrum, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Nursing Science Department, Julius Centrum, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
  • In collaboration with the Dutch Academy of Nursing Science and (WCVio) and is
  • Financially supported by the TW&D ZonMW.

More information?

Read the course program / flyer and/or contact: Thóra B. Hafsteinsdóttir [email protected].

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